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Blue KB03 Police 'Blinky' Safety Light



The KB03 'blinky' safety light is our latest innovation designed to improve the safety of police officers working in low light conditions and is an ideal night time indicator for air operations (identification of police officer location on the ground).

The light is extremely compact, light an bright and can be located almost anywhere on a police uniform or piece of kit.  For helicopter supported operations, the Blinky can be lapel mounted flashing upwards, freeing the hands of police officers and helping air support differentiate between police and public.

Two modes of operation 'steady on' and 'flash' offer over 30 hours of operational use from its 2 x CR2032 batteries (on its flash setting).

The power button is conveniently situated on the front of the unit and the lens cover is securely fastened by screw fixings which prevent the unit disassembling during rigorous operations and also keep the unit weather proofed.

It was designed in response to feedback from police officers who wanted a more compact police light which was less prone to damage and which could be deployed more 'flexibly' on a wider variety of clothing and equipment.

Most of the damage to our earlier models was as a result of their size which was determined by the type of batteries used. The size also meant that they could not be positioned so effectively on light weight garments without pulling down making them less effective and more uncomfortable to wear.

Changing to a battery commonly used in watches enabled us to drastically reduce both the size and weight of the Blinky.

The reduced size and weight makes the lights less prone to get snagged, dropped or crushed and these benefits alone increase the life expectancy tremendously, which is an important consideration for police purchasing departments.

They are  remarkably bright for such a small unit and will typically operate for 20 plus hours when using a pair of quality batteries, when officer shift patterns are considered this probably equates to a working month of usage between changes.

Batteries are cheap and readily available, an added advantage we have noted is that they are also less prone to be 're-tasked' and used for powering other devices.

3 LED's provide plenty of light output and offer built in redundancy in the unlikely event of an LED failure.

The KB03 is ideally suited to deployment on light weight garments as it will not drag clothing down, it weights 20 grams which is a quarter of the weight of our popular KB01 light.

The spring loaded clip will securely attach to uniform equipment loops, belts, pocket flaps, mic tags etc. An elasticated Velcro fastening band offers additional fixing means, many uniforms have Velcro fixing points.

The light is also effective enough to deploy as supplemental lighting on police signage, the Velcro band is ideal where poles or rods offer potential fixing points.

Police cyclists and horse mounted units can attach the light to cycles and police horse tack and dog harnesses offer a fixing point for dog units who want to track their dogs in darkness. 

The Blinky is also available with a fixed Klickfast stud or can be used with the Klick Fast docking system if the Klick Fast  Peli Light Dock is attached to the rear of the unit, items listed and purchased separately.

Dimensions:-Width 3cm Depth 2cm Height 5cm Weight 20grams

Operational Usages

  • Blue police LED light ideal for traffic incidents and traffic direction
  • Identification of police personnel in crowds
  • Police horse mounted units
  • Police cycle units
  • Aerial identification of police officers on the ground
  • Public reassurance – advertise a police presence whilst patrolling
  • Counter the argument ‘I didn’t see a police officer’  it’s difficult to miss!
  • Aid in locating police personnel who might be incapacitated and unable to communicate
  • Use as a warning light on obstacles, traffic cones, stranded vehicles etc...


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Latest addition - the Knight Pod Road Flare comes in a case of 6, is rechargeable and is a stand alone blue LED road hazard warning light with 9 operating modes with an amazing 40 hours of endurance subject to setting. The Knight Pod was designed after several police forces continually requested a long life, rechargeable battery warning light weight space saving alternative to tradition police warning beacons. We list it as a road hazard light but this unit is ideal for laying out a demarcation zone for virtually anything, particulary useful as a helicopter landing light. Air ambulances and police helicopters often have to land in unmarked areas, the flare can literally be thrown out of a helicopter to aid the pilot in landing. Take a look and find out more about the Night Pod by clicking here  available as an amber LED warning light and green led warning light as well as blue,often referred to as led power flares, the Knight Pod is truly a mega flare in its own right.

Recent addition - Lenser LED torches with the world's brightest hand held torch the X21 Lenser and the P7 Lenser Tactical and P14 Lenser which are extremely popular with the professionals such as the emergency services, police fire service and military and security sectors. We have also added the Klarus range of torches, new to the UK the Klarus ST20 offers improved performance both in lumens 240 and duration 200hrs when on low mode. The Klarus provides an excellent alternative to the Lenser range of torches

The KB01 Knight Beacon blue personal safety light was designed specifically with the emergency services in mind. Where ever or when ever a member of the emergency services is called upon to work in low light conditions, the Knight Beacon flashing blue safety light provides an additional road safety product that makes the user highly visible to motorists and other members of the public.  Be it police, fire or ambulance services, the five blue LED’s advertise the presence of emergency services personnel effectively and at a very affordable cost. Particularly suitable as a police light it provides officers with another safety aid for use when  controlling traffic flow on the highways, patrolling the streets as a visible deterrent to crime as well as providing the public with reassurance simply by advertising the presence of police officers on patrol.

Highly effective in terms of performance and cost the 5 blue LED’s provide an exceptional amount of longitudinal light. They out perform other police personal strobe effect lights and flashing lights that use fewer LED’s or rely on strobes which often require specialised batteries which increase the running costs significantly.

The Knight Beacons relatively low cost means that replacement’s will not adversely effect the limited budgets of many of today’s police authorities. Using 2 x AA batteries the personnel blue safety light is economical to operate, easy to maintain and altogether the most effective personnel blue police light available on the market today.

Many police forces across the UK have adopted the use of the original Knight Beacon blue LED safety light with an enhanced equipment clip, the light provides even more flexibility being able to be attached to clothing buttons as well as uniform equipment loops. With fixing holes the light can be securely fastened to static objects as a blue warning beacon and with bicycle fixing brackets it can be used as a police bicycle light.

A Klickfast stud fitting option allows the KB01 to be attached to Klick fast docking units as used to secure the airwaves radio systems in use throughout the police and emergency services

Optional suction cups enable the light to be fixed to vehicle bodywork and windscreens, ideal for emergency situations where attention needs to be drawn to a command vehicle or broken down car etc...  The optional bracket allows it to be used on police bikes allowing police cyclists to benefit from it also. By attaching a KlickFast stud to the rear of the light it will now dock with airwaves style docking stations found on most police officers uniforms.

Available with Amber LED’s for construction workers, professional vehicle breakdown recovery organisations, road safety officers (HATO), motorway maintenance, council workers, lollipop men and women - all can benefit from the added security a Knight Beacon personnel safety light can provide.

The KB02 multipurpose safety light kit takes the concept of a small but powerful battery powered blue police light still further. The KB02 can be deployed on police traffic signs the kind which many police patrol vehicles now carry. These lightweignt police signs are often made of re-enforced fabrics or plastic and with the accessory pack that comes with the KB02 the light can be attached either via the suction cup mounting or clamped via the two magnets that come with this kit. The lightweight nature of the light will not effect the balance of the police sign whilst it will significantly improve its visible presence pulsing with a double flash bright blue light.

Traffic control wands and traffic control batons are a mainstay of our stock kept range. In addition to red/green traffic wands we offer amber banksman wands, red blue traffic wands for the police and emergency services as well as aircraft marshalling wands and batons. LED armbands, Hi-Viz Armbands, Police lights, LED Chevron's and personal safety lights are the mainstream of our range and now we supply not only the emergency services but many transport and logistics firms, haulage companies and their HGV's, bus and coach companies too now make considerable use of our amber hazard lights and traffic marshalling wands - the list grows. 

LED Lenser torches are a recent addition with the P7 Lenser being our most popular torch. These German made torches use cree LED's and advanced technology, they are an excellent addition to the kit of any police officer or emergency responder and will impress you with their performance. See also our Klarus range.

Collapsible LED traffic cones have become a popular alternative to rigid plastic traffic cones because of their space and weight saving properties. Many fire and police authorities use these type of road safety cones and we now stock a range of high quality illuminated traffic cones that have both red and blue LED options. As well as incorporating a darkness sensing auto switch which triggers the traffic cones internal light we have a top mounted red or blue beacon for extra visibility.With hi-viz bands they are ideal for rural environments or smaller emrgency response vehicles.